Wright Wiring can assist you, the Architect, Designer and/or Project Manager. We can provide a comprehensive breakdown for project quotations and submissions for all types of Residential and Semi-Commercial projects.

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WE Understand The Little Things

We understand the importance of the features that produce something bespoke where ordinary could have lived. It’s building in all these distinct moments from start to finish to create something special for every home.

What make up the little things? It’s the simplicity of installing an access touchscreen and air-conditioning controller on the same wall, or two GPO’s side by side and level – yes, we know you cannot take these things for granted. It’s ensuring distribution boards are labeled and landscaping garden lighting is safe from future backyard exploration and adventures. It’s the placement of extraordinary specialty lighting and backlit features from planning phase to execution. We know these touches are important. We know these moments become yours' and the homes' signature.

We want to work with professionals. Contact us today to see how we can bring your vision to life.

Wright Wiring is a proud industry member supporting quality workmanship and ongoing training and development.